Project LP.C1 (2015 - 2017)

Polldubh Paths

🎥 The New Polldubh

This project aimed to improve access to the historic and popular rock climbing area of Polldubh Crags and in doing so make a positive impact on the landscape character in this part of the Glen. The u-shaped profile of the glaciated valley is a dominant geological feature of this area with the surrounding mountains providing contrast and scale. Rocky outcrops are present and of particular interest at Polldubh on the north side of the Glen. The crags are made up of Schists and their proximity to the road make them a popular destination not only popular with independent climbers visiting the area but are a highly regarded and regularly used resource for: local schools, colleges, universities, activity centres, national outdoor centres, scouts, freelancers and adventure tourism businesses.

These crags are nationally important with a range of famous climbing routes across the grade spectrum. They played an important part in the early days of rock climbing and in particular during the 1950’s climbers such as Jimmy Ness pushed the limits of what had been achieved to that date. Pioneers such Dave Cuthbertson continued to establish cutting edge routes during the 80’s and 90’s. Dave MacLeod, the UK’s current leading professional climber lives locally and continues to demonstrate the importance of these crags as a testing ground for the 21st century.

The Polldubh Path project aimed to restore and improve access to the crags primarily for rock climbing purposes, but also as an important recreational area. The proximity to the Lower Falls and associated car parking, make this a high priority spot for a range of visitors. The area offers short yet strenuous walks through crags and mixed woodland which would otherwise be inaccessible. The landscape character here is particularly impressive, with diverse habitats supporting a wealth of flora and fauna. The area has considerable value both in terms of its biodiversity and from the perspective of nature-based and wildlife tourism.

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