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Ben Nevis Mountain Path Heritage Programme

The Ben Nevis Mountain Path Heritage Programme brought together ​a number of projects that celebrated the natural and cultural heritage of the Nevis area. The total project funding award was £680,000, of which £345,000 came from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the main funding body for the programme, and the rest from other match funding sources. 

Central to this programme was the enhancement of the main mountain track at the summit of Ben Nevis and the protection of  significant areas of scree on Ben Nevis to improve issues of erosion from the 100,000 visitors that frequent the mountain each year. The project included work on approximately 1.2 km of the path at the very summit of the UK’s highest mountain.

Working in partnership with Lochaber college and Lochaber Enterprise, the footpath skills programme made up another project and resulted in the development of a training course in Upland footpath skills.  The course ran from 2006 to 2007 with 10 students starting the course and finished with 8 of those completing it.