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The Nevis Fund

Nevis Fund - Governance and management arrangements

The Nevis Fund is an umbrella fund for donations and contributions to conserve and improve the natural environment of Nevis Management Area (NMA). It supports the work of the four charities working in the area.

The core aims of the fund are to:

  • Maintain and improve path network.
  • Enhance the natural & cultural heritage of the area.
  • Support community engagement, education & volunteering.
  • Promote leave no trace philosophy.

Accountability and decision making:

  • Legal accountability for The Nevis Fund sits with the Nevis Landscape Partnership (NLP) Board.
  • NLP Business Development Manager has devolved decision making responsibility on behalf of the NLP Board. This is in agreement with the land owners.
  • Decisions regarding which projects to support will be made in line with the Nevis Strategy on an ongoing basis.
The Nevis Management Area
File: PDF, 5.57MB
The Nevis Management Area
Nevis Strategy 2020-40
File: PDF, 13.7MB
Nevis Strategy 2020-40