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Dun Deardail Dig

The mystery surrounding Dun Deardail, a vitrified fortress in Glen Nevis, has puzzled archaeologists and historians for decades. Nevis Landscape Partnership, AOC Archaeology and Forestry Commission Scotland are hoping to get to the bottom of the enigma surrounding the Lochaber landmark as they gear up for a second year of archaeological excavations in Glen Nevis.
Archaeologists, field assistants and volunteers begin digging up the past and will spend a fortnight trying to uncover clues as to how and why this fortress was abandoned and set alight by ancient inhabitants of Glen Nevis. The field-crew will build upon last year’s archaeological findings which included part of a timber crossbeam from the original structure that experts can carbon-date to reveal, for the first time, when Dun Deardail was occupied and subsequently burned to the ground.

16 08 20 LP.B2 Dun Deardail Archaeology Festival Peter Devlin (5)
The one thing we know for sure about Dun Deardail is that it was once destroyed by a blaze so intense that it melted the very rocks of the rampart

Matt Ritchie, Forestry Commission Scotland Archaeologist & Project Manager

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