Project LP.C7 (2014 - 2017)

Celebrating the Wild

Celebrating the Wild brings together a range of projects encompassing film, multi-media interpretation, events, festivals, activities, conservation and youth engagement. These projects will showcase the people and biodiversity of mountain landscapes, bringing a special focus to Glen and Ben Nevis. Most significantly, these projects will raise public awareness of the fragility of mountain ecosystems and inspire people to make new connections with natural and cultural heritage.

The internationally important mountaineering heritage of Ben Nevis will be passed on to a new generation, encouraging healthy lifestyles and a lifelong relationship with the outdoors. Celebration and recognition of excellence in mountain culture will ensure a legacy of photographers, film makers, artists, adventurers, explorers, writers and conservationists are there to enjoy and protect wild landscapes into the future. The festivals and activities will also unite these often-separate areas of interest, encouraging collaboration and new approaches.

Raising awareness of the pressures which Ben and Glen Nevis face, both from climate change and from recreational impacts will go together with encouraging minimal impact ethics and conservation activity. It is equally important to increase public understanding of the economic, social and environmental value of our wild mountain landscapes through concepts such as ecosystem services and through biodiversity activities.


🎥 Youth Ambassador 2015 Zeki Basan

🎥 Youth Ambassador 2016 Natalie Berrie

🎥 Youth Ambassador 2017 Robert MacKenzie

🎥 Youth Ambassador 2018 Shauna Coxley

🎥 Youth Ambassador 2019 Rob Cochrane

🎥 Adventure Week [SNOW]

🎥 Adventure Week [BIKE]

🎥 Adventure Week [MOUNTAIN]

🎥 Adventure Week [CLIMB]

🎥 Carpe Diem Ledge Route 

Celebrating the Wild is generously funded by Heritage Lottery Fund, Highland Mountain Culture Association & Scottish Natural Heritage.

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