Project LP.A5 & LP.B2 (2015 - 2017)

Dun Deardail Excavation, Vitrification & Outreach

Welcome to one of our biggest and most ambitious projects. Excavation of the ancient hill fort over the course of two years aimed to try and understand the fascinating process of vitrification by recreating it. Working closely with Forestry Commission Scotland & AOC Archaeology we aimed to uncover the mysteries surronding this ancient settlement and got hundreds of people involved with digging up the past in Glen Nevis. 

The first ever archaeological excavation of Dun Deardail took place in August 2015. Just under eight-hundred volunteers, including almost three-hundred school children, visited the site during the dig to learn about Dun Deardail and it's fascinating story. 

2017 saw our ambitious and ground-breaking project come to an end as well as the release of our film "The Fort", which premiered at the Fort William Mountain Festival, a final two-week excavation & of course another fun-filled archaeology festival!


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"The Picts" Learning Resource

Canmore: Dun Deardail Profile

Dun Deardail was generously funded by Heritage Lottery Fund & Forestry Commission Scotland.

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