Project LP.A6 (2015 - 2017)

Summit Conservation

As Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis attracts hundreds of thousands of walkers to its summit each year. The project aims to protect the summit area of and maintain the wild land experience for all those who reach it and to be valued by all sectors of society. People of all ages and backgrounds can experience, connect and enjoy this wild place and learn the importance of caring for it.

The John Muir Trust recognises that there are many interests in the summit of Ben Nevis and works in partnership with others, in particular the Nevis Landscape Partnership. It considers the implications for the wild land qualities of the mountain and the safety and experience of both visitors and those who make their living from working on Ben Nevis.

The project included the repair of the upper section of the Ben Path and structures that were of a historical, cultural and safety interest.


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