Friends of Nevis is a community-based conservation charity that launched eight years ago. The main objectives of the charity are to preserve, protect, enhance and support Ben Nevis and Glen Nevis. We are a diverse group of people who work to encourage individuals, families and organisations to take ownership of their natural heritage and give their time to learn about and look after this beautiful place. We are working in partnership with Nevis Landscape Partnership to offer a wide range of volunteer and learning opportunities.

Volunteer with Friends of Nevis

We believe volunteering is for EVERYONE and aim to organise activities which appeal to a wide range of people and abilities. To learn more about why YOU should volunteer with Friends of Nevis download our volunteering handbook. With a landscape as beautiful as ours doesn’t it make sense to look after it?


Please note, volunteers under the age of eighteen MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you wish to discuss this further.


Our Volunteers

Mary I'm a volunteer  


With regards to Glen Nevis our volunteering mainly extended to litter picking and over a number of years our efforts with the rest of the gang have given us the pleasure of driving and walking in the glen and seeing on most occasions virtually no discarded beer cans or McDonalds cartons. We still find many discarded doggy poo bags with the worst case recently being almost 50 in the space of four yards. Not the nicest things to collect.

Connor I'm a volunteer  


As a mountain guide working and living in the local area I spend a lot of time on Ben Nevis and climbing in Glen Nevis. I think it's really important to look after and preserve our natural playground. Volunteering with the Friends of Nevis is a great way to do this in areas that need the help. I really enjoy being involved in the North Face survey, it’s a great project & I’ve learnt so much already!

Dan I'm a volunteer  


Volunteering for Friends of Nevis was excellent on all accounts! Being able to do something fun that has a direct positive impact on our landscape was awesome! Not to mention getting to hang out with folk all happy working towards the same cause alongside you. I thought it would be once in a blue moon I would get the chance to do something fun and different that has a positive and immediately noticeable impact on the environment but with Friends of Nevis it seems that there’s endless opportunities to lend a hand.

Morag I'm a volunteer  


I volunteered for Friends of Nevis back in December and spent my birthday cutting trees in Glen Nevis to help the native species come back. It felt great making a positive difference to my local area, it was a fun day out in the snow, plus it meant that I didn't even feel bad eating loads of cake later!

Nathan I'm a volunteer  


Volunteering for the Friends of Nevis is great! We were made to feel really appreciated for the work we did. Their volunteer projects are having a positive impact on Glen Nevis and I am proud to be part of the process!

Join, Volunteer, Donate


It's incredibly true that every little helps and we would be nowhere today without all of that extra help from YOU. No matter how big or small your contribution is it will ALWAYS make a difference to the work we carry out. Donate today to actively support outdoor education, footpath maintenance, habitat management, community engagement and conservation of one of our most important wild places. We can't do what we do without you, a huge THANK YOU to all of our beneficiaries. There are many ways to contribute to Friends of Nevis. If you don't fancy getting your hands dirty but totally support those that do now yours chance to join our organisation with a membership that allows you to have your say about what we're doing well and what we could improve on. Everybody who joins will receive a membership welcome package and invitations throughout the year to all of our social outings when we take off our boots and put on our dancing shoes!