Ben Nevis & Glen Nevis are undoubtedly two of the busiest tourist destinations of the United Kingdom and on the other hand they are wild, breathtakingly beautiful and anyone seeking solace can find it in our landscape. This paradox raises serious questions regarding human impact and erosion on the landscape and highlights serious issues regarding the work it takes to safeguard the plants and wildlife of this environment and maintain the paths hundreds of thousands of boots depend on to safely ascend our highest mountain.

Can you put a price on that bluebird day on top of our highest mountain with your best friends and breathtakingly beautiful views in every direction? How much would you pay for an adventure with your children exploring a litter-free, native forest bustling with wildlife? Can you buy the kind of peace of mind and solitude that you get from immersing yourself in the trees, rivers and mountains?

All the amazing, priceless experiences you can have here have a very real cost and without your help the ecosystem will crumble, the wildlife will disappear, the paths will erode and the litter will be left to scar our landscape. Your money goes DIRECTLY to Nevis projects. No hidden costs, administration fees or unclear transaction procedures. You give us money and it pays for black bags, shovels, compost, carabiners, static rope, helicopter lifts, all the things it takes to enhance the landscape for this generation and the next. 

Give big, give small, give once, give regularly, whatever and whenever you can afford to put your hand in your pocket and directly contribute towards the land is greatly appreciated by everyone involved in these projects and everyone who seeks solace in the wild.