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4th Dec 2018

The Nevis Landscape Partnership Board Welcomes a New Chair

After serving as chair on The Nevis Partnership board for four years, Alex Farquhar stepped down at the AGM on the 14th of November 2018. We thank Alex for his service over the last four years and welcome his continued contribution as a member of the board.

Mike Pescod of the Highland Mountain Culture Association, who has been on the board since July 2014, was elected as the new Chair. “The Nevis Partnership is coming to a very interesting and crucial year with the end of the landscape partnership programme and move into becoming more sustainable in the next few years. We give huge thanks to Alex Farqhuar for leading the Nevis Partnership for the last four years and I am comforted that he and and the rest of the team will still be very much involved in the next phase. In the last few years we have delivered many great projects through working closely with our partners. We will continue to draw on the strength of the partnership to ensure the future of the Nevis area.”

Mike has been involved in helping out with many projects throughout the Nevis Landscape Partnership programme. Over the course of the North Face Survey from 2014 to 2016, Mike managed all the safety components of the project to ensure success. His expertise in mountains, climbing, and safety enabled the geologists and botanists to explore parts of the Ben's North Face which had never been surveyed. Mike has also led a mountain awareness course for all 34 of the Trainee Volunteer Rangers since 2015. A highly respected member of the community, Mike will be a great asset to The Nevis Partnership in his role as chair of the board. 

All of the staff, board members and partners are looking forward to working with Mike during the next phase of The Nevis Partnership's work.

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