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6th Sep 2018

Dun Deardail in Lego

Have you ever wondered what a LEGO model of an ancient fort looks like?

Well even if you haven't, you can see one now at the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre. The Iron Age hillfort of Dun Deardail has been replicated in LEGO format by Brick to the Past. The model was designed to show a true likeness to the real fort, details of which came to light during our Dun Deardail Excavation, Vitrification & Outreach project. This was completed last year in partnership with Forestry & Land Scotland.

You can go see it in the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre and pick up a copy of The Archeology of Dun Deardail book.

The model was funded by Heritage Lottery Fund and The Highland Council Discretionary Fund

Get your hands on a copy of our Dun Deardail book!

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