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Guidance for Charity Event Organisers

Guidance for Charity Event Organisers
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Guidance for Charity Event Organisers

Registration Process

We ask organisers of events (or series of events) to contact us and complete a registration form with details of your plans. We also aim to check that the proposed date of your event is suitable for it to take place and will not clash with other events (e.g., the Ben race) that would make it unsuitable or even dangerous.

The more complete your registration the quicker we will be able to process your request and grant the necessary permissions.

Planning Lead Times

Event Size









Number of Participants


< 25







Planning lead time


3-6 months


3-6 months


6-12 months


1-2 years

As set out in Outdoor Events in Scotland, Guidance for organisers and land managers.

Check The Date

The Access Code highlights the need to be sensitive to the capacity of the location to absorb large numbers of people – which means considering both when and where the event will take place. The location, timing and scale of events should be chosen to minimise potential effects on land managers, other outdoor users, local residents and the environment.

Refer to the Schedule of Events to ensure that there are no other large events happening on the planned day of your event. Our schedule lists events happening both in Glen Nevis and in the wider Fort William area, to allow you to plan your event. Simultaneous events may overwhelm local emergency services, public transport and accommodation provision. This would make some dates unsuitable for events.

Dates To Avoid

  • Scottish Six Days Trials - Motocross - 5th - 11th May 2024 - Generally the first Monday in May till following Saturday.   

Check list for events

  1. Check the date.
  2. Complete the registration form.
  3. Certificate of public liability insurance - attached to registration form or emailed to 
  4. Event Management Plan (including Environment Plan) - attached to registration form or emailed to 
  5. Health and Safety Plan (including Risk Assessment and Emergency Procedures) - attached to registration form or emailed to 
  6. Pay the Administration Fee.