The Nevis Landscape Partnership programme is a culmination of ten years of community and stakeholder collaborative enterprise driven by the Nevis Partnership and supported by our partners Forestry Commission Scotland, John Muir Trust, The Highland Council & Scottish Natural Heritage. Resources have rarely met the scale of the challenge of managing Ben and Glen Nevis adequately until now. Heritage Lottery Funding has given Nevis Landscape Partnership a chance to protect and enhance the legacy of our wonderful natural heritage for locals and visitors alike.


Heritage Lottery Funded

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and through a partnership approach to managing the landscape, this programme will unlock social and financial resources that would not otherwise be available to the community. The £3.9 million Heritage Lottery Funding will better capitalise on and endeavour to future-proof Ben & Glen Nevis. The scale of the programme and its national reach will ensure that returns on the overall investment will exceed the outputs of its constituent projects.


Our aim is that a legacy of social cohesion, economic stability and environmental protection will emerge and sustain itself long into the future. Similarly, a collective response to land management is the only way large-scale challenges like climate change, sustainability and community resilience can be met effectively in the long-term. This Nevis Landscape Partnership creates the working relationships necessary to deliver outcomes far beyond the scope of any individual organisation or agency and it would not have been possible without the valuable contributions, support and involvement of all members. The Nevis Landscape Partnership, constituting a wide range of stakeholders and communities, is cohered around a shared vision to: protect this unique place for the future; to manage it collectively; to view it holistically; and to give voice to its diversity and many communities.



Thank you! Tapadh leibh!